Fort Harrison Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution

At the start of the Revolution, the area now known as Rockingham was Augusta County. Rockingham County was established in 1778. The county is named for Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham, a British statesman (1730–1782). He was a supporter of constitutional rights for the colonists.

The namesake for the Fort Harrison SAR Chapter is Col. Benjamin Harrison (1741-1819). The Harrison family was prominent in the early history of Rockingham Co. That history is featured in the book “Settlers by the Long Grey Trail” written by J. Houston Harrison.

The objectives of our chapter are to discover and preserve information about Revolutionary Patriots. We are especially interested in the Soldiers of the Revolution and also those that provided “material support” to the cause. This includes those that were born and served in Rockingham; those that were born in Rockingham and served in another county or state; and those that moved to Rockingham after serving in another county or state.

We have an extensive collection of information. We suggest that you use our search function to find the person of your interest. If you would like more information, we are willing to provide you with the information that we have. Please send us the essential information that is necessary to identify your Patriot Ancestor. If you wish, we will help you research your Patriot Ancestor. Go to the “Search” tab or the “Contact Us” tab for additional information.