Michael Trout Cemetery Restoration


Georg Michael TROUT was born 1750 in Bart Twp, Lancaster, PA. He was the son of the immigrant Hans Nicholas TRAUT (1730-1780), and the grandson of the immigrant Johann Wendel Georg TRAUT (1689-1760). He had recently widowed and emigrated with his children together with a number of neighbors from Kleinfischlingen (near Landau), Electoral Palatinate, Holy Roman Empire (now in Sudliche Weinstrabe, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany). "Wentel" arrived in Philadelphia in 1738 and almost immediately settled with his young family in what is now Paradise Twp, near Strasburg, Lancaster, PA.
Young Georg Michael TROUT was about 2 years old when his father, Hans Nicholas TRAUT, moved his young family from Bart Twp, Lancaster, PA to Augusta County, VA, and purchased a tract of land on Cub Run near the base of Peaked Mountain (now called Massanutten Mountain) near the current village of Montevideo in what is now Rockingham County. Georg Michael TROUT was only 3 years old when he then lost his father, Hans Nicholas, in a tragic accidental weapon discharge on 17 Jul 1753. Ultimately, the courts determined in 1766 the young fatherless children should be "bound out," but young Georg Michael TROUT was 16 years old and would soon reach his majority.
Ten years later, with the coming of the Revolutionary War, Georg Michael was now 26 years old and had established his reputation in the valley as a mature and responsible young patriot. Accordingly, on 3 Dec 1776, Georg Michael TROUT was chosen as Ensign in Captain David LAIRD's Company, Augusta County Militia. Later that same day, Capt. LAIRD was elected to command a company of regulars in the Virginia Continental Line and was immediately replaced by Capt. Robert CRAVENS. By the end of the day, Ensign Georg Michael TROUT was serving under Capt. Robert CRAVENS and would continue to do so for the next two years. By January, Georg Michael Trout was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant, and played a very important role in leading detachments of men in the 1777-1778 Indian campaigns in the Tygerts Valley. In those early times, an infantry company had a captain, a first lieutenant, a second lieutenant, and an ensign.
Near the close of the war, in 1780, Lt. "Michael" Trout married Elizabetha BAER who was born in 1752 in Berks County, PA, the daughter of John BAER and Catherine Elizabeth MILLER.
Georg Michael TROUT filed his last will and testament on 12 Apr., 1819, and died in 1822 at age 72. "Michael" is buried with his wife "Elizabeth" at his side. Her younger sister, Anna BAER is buried close by. Their graves are protected by a small iron fence enclosure that is located on the south side of 5180 Trissels Road just west of Harpine Hwy. a few miles south of Broadway.
A son and daughter of Michael Trout married a daughter and son of Matthias Miller, another Revolutionary War Patriot recognized by Fort Harrison several years ago. Trout and Miller Halls at Roanoke College recognize their contributions.
Research has confirmed his true birth date as 1750, and his final rank was Lieutenant. Both errors were apparently made when his replacement stone was placed in the late 1800s

(Article written by Craig H. Trout SAR #156304)
(Photos by Hank Almond)